Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System Review

Sometimes people who are looking for a home security system are simply not satisfied with having one or two cameras equipped with the basic features of streaming and recording feeds. If you are one of these people, and instead wish to have a service which you can use to monitor several different points of interest, you might instead choose to have a system like this, which comes with at least four cameras for you to use.

The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System requires you to have an outlet for each camera, so that each camera can plug in and wirelessly transmit the feeds to your monitoring device. If you pay the monthly fee required by Zmodo, you can then store each of your recorded feeds on cloud storage, allowing you to travel back in time and see exactly what happened during a period of interest.

Zmodo  Security Camera Review

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System Review

Why Choose Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System?

The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System comes equipped with four cameras, which can easily be upgraded to include more cameras if you need extra security. They have free live feeds, available on either your computer or smartphone, and can store video files for you on cloud storage if you pay a monthly fee (or take advantage of the 36 free hours). Since they also come equipped with motion detection, many people will consider them to be a premier security system which bypasses the need for going to a security company.

Instead, with the included motion detection, you will be quick to realize that there is an intruder on your property and can easily then alert the authorities if need be. If you notice that the motion detection is a little too sensitive (i.e. going off when a bird flies through your camera’s vision) you can dial the sensitivity down so that it only goes off when it is more likely to be a real threat.

Operates with Smartphone App for Instant Control

The nice thing about this security system is that you can control it using the Zmodo smartphone application. This means that you can keep your smartphone handy and use it to monitor the stream, pan the camera, or control the security settings. This will make it easy to monitor and assess threats by your bedside if a midnight threat becomes apparent.

The Zmodo application can alert you instantly when motion is detected through a notification on your mobile phone. It is then up to you to determine how loud this notification is so that you can ensure it will be heard in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

Control Camera Motion Both on Phone and Computer

If you prefer to operate your security system from the comfort of your own computer, the Zmodo camera system makes it easy to do so. With the ability to log into the online platform, you don’t necessarily have to rely on cell phone service to stay updated on your security system.

Thankfully, the Zmodo camera system has the ability to store all of your recorded feeds on cloud storage, or it can also house up to 36 hours of motion detected alerts on cloud storage as well. All of this is available through the online Zmodo website. Of course, you can always monitor the live feeds from both your computer and smartphone for free.


It is utterly useless to purchase a security system if you cannot use it during inclement weather, since all that would need to happen to ruin your security is a little bit of rain. This is why it is crucial that you get a security system like this one, which can be used rain or shine, snow or sleet. When you think about it, this is probably the most priceless feature of a top-quality home security system.

The only thing to keep in mind with these cameras is that they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. As a result, you may need to be strategic as to which outlets you plug them into. Although the cameras themselves are weatherproof, outlets, on the other hand, are not. As a result, try to plug them in using extension cords which run into dry areas.

HD Video Both Live and Recorded to Cloud Storage

There is nothing more frustrating as a security professional than to inspect recorded footage of an event only to realize that you can’t even zoom in and see the face of a perpetrator. This is why it is important these days to bypass the outdated SD security cameras and instead choose ones with HD crystal-clear recording capabilities. Since these cameras come with 720p HD and 1080p HD capabilities, which can either be uploaded to the cloud (36 hours free) or monitored live, you should have more than enough pixels to zoom in and see what is going on if the need arises.

Ability to Add More Cameras to the Receiver

If four cameras are not enough, you can always be sure to add more cameras to the receiver’s load. You can add more than ten cameras if necessary to make sure that you have plenty of surveillance throughout your property. When you add in the feature of cloud storage, you will be able to have surveillance similar to that of a bank, prison, or any other place where high levels of security are needed.


Since the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System can monitor both day and night (it comes with night vision), is capable of being monitored and adjusted both on smartphone and computer, and is weatherproof, it is really one of the premier security options on the market. With it, you have the ability to add in additional cameras, record in HD crystal-clear quality, and store files (up to 36 hours free) on cloud storage. With this security system, you can protect your home and investments at a level similar to that of any maximum-security prison. All you would be missing are armed guards and barbed wire fences.

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