YI Dome Camera 1080p Review

Product: YI Dome Camera 1080p Review
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Great for: Inside your home
My Rating: 9 out of 10

YI Dome Camera 1080p Reviews

yi dome camera 1080p review

You can always be in touch with every nook and corner of your home, thanks to this super sensitive home-surveillance camera which comes with wide-angle 360 degree coverage of the space on which this is installed, tweaked with uber cool features.

Imagine your baby, whom you thought was actually sleeping peacefully, has woken up and is trying to crawl all over the bed, coming dangerously closer to the edge. This is happening while you are working peacefully from your home office downstairs. The little one could just fall down and hurt himself badly in no time, but you have no clue since the nanny cam could not provide any movement alert. But relax, when you install the YI Dome Camera 1080p, this entire situation can be avoided through one text message that you will receive once any motion of the baby is detected. Yes! This camera is that powerful. This camera is capable of sensing the slightest movement of the little one and also comes with a baby-crying alert specifically.

Benefits of the YI Dome Camera 1080p

The best part about this camera would be the fact that you can simply enjoy without any worry if you feel that your family needs you to look out for them all the time. And everything can be done in one click of your smartphone. The assembling of the camera and pairing it with your phone should be easy as breeze. Not only can you operate this camera as an intercom for a one-way communication when needed, but you can effortlessly have a two-way conversation on a hand-free mode when necessary just to check up on your kids, or maybe your grandma if she needed any help. Also, it is extremely stressful to view blurry, warped or tilted edges of surveillance videos, but this one promises to control the distortion and you can see the high quality wide-angle images with enhanced clarity. Install it in your kids room, or your dining hall to ensure that your life is running as smoothly as possible.

How to use the YI Dome Camera 1080p

The YI Dome Camera 1080p lacks documentation, but the setup of this camera is pretty easy. You should, however, take note of the fact that a good Wi-Fi connection is required to let the whole thing run smoothly. The camera is a bit heavy to look at but is easily discoverable. The main thing you should definitely focus on while installing the camera is the fact that it does not tilt down and hence, placing the camera high up on a shelf or a rack would not serve the purpose of surveillance at all. The camera can be placed on the wall but instead, you can mount it to your ceiling. The flip setting on the device will fix everything for you. By the way, the Dome camera needs to be plugged in all the time for it to work because it lacks battery power. Also, before plugging in, make sure you have the app installed on your phone, email and other identifications verified. The process is not at all complex and you just have to wait for about 30 seconds before it comes online.

YI Dome Camera 1080p description and features

The highlighted features of this product are

  • It comes with eight infrared lights that are built-in with sensors
  • An extremely powerful night vision mode with zero glare
  • The camera can provide a 112 degree viewing angle
  • Horizontal rotation of 345 degrees
  • Vertical rotation of 115 degrees
  • Videos can be recorded at a maximum of 1080p
  • Intercom/hand-free two-way communication
  • Baby crying alert
  • Motion sensor
  • Up to 32GB expandable memory
  • Access to YI cloud
  • Automatic lens rotation can be activated
  • Can hold up to 80 hours of non-stop video recording

Who is the YI Dome Camera 1080p for?

Before actually researching about surveillance cameras online, a lot of things might cross your mind, for example, do you even need a camera at all, or would it be breaching your privacy in some way or the other?

But the fact of the matter is, crime has increased and staying safe and sound even within the comforts of your house is but a far cry. In these situations, the least we can do is to know and understand, what went wrong and how. Security camera footage is the first thing that you would like to see, when you realise that things may have gone sour somewhere. Contrary to common belief, home surveillance is required even in other circumstances, and not just when you have to leave your children at home with their nanny. Home cameras are an absolute necessity for every household in today’s era. Would it not be great to monitor your house all the time and get notified if any problem arises? You might want to take a peek at who is knocking on your corridor at odd hours.

Hence, the YI Dome Camera 1080p can be for any, or all of the following-

  1. If you have to leave your baby behind with the nanny
  2. If your house is located in a disturbed neighbourhood
  3. If you have ailing parents/grandparents
  4. If your house has valuables
  5. If you have a pet alone at home.

In a nutshell, all of us who want to protect our houses from theft, vandalism or any other kind of threat, should install a security camera.

What I like about the YI Dome Camera 1080p

  • Price: The Dome camera comes at an entry level price with really high end features. This certainly took me by surprise!
  • Clear audio: The camera provides two modes of audio handling, intercom and hand-free mode. The sound is crystal clear and the two-way communication is simply brilliant with almost zero breaking.
  • Local and cloud storage of videos: The best part about the camera is that you can also get a local storage like your smartphones. This ensures a smooth running capacity of course. Apart from that, the videos can also be stored for a week on the cloud storage provided by the company.
  • Rotating capacity: You have to be very tactical in placing the camera, but once it has been, the camera can actually provide the full view of almost the entire room with no distortion at all.
  • Night view: The night vision mode is really powerful and can show you clear view of anything and everything within 3 meters of range.

Things I do not like about the YI Dome Camera 1080p

  • Privacy breach: One major problem is that the privacy permissions that you have to agree with might just make you uncomfortable as you would have to give access to your contact, gallery, etc. and they might just get uploaded on the cloud as well. So be very careful before agreeing to any of it.
  • Panorama: The final images are not very stunning but the concept is pretty chic.

Final Thoughts

So, the YI Dome Camera 1080p would certainly do wonders if you are searching for a neat home surveillance camera that is easy on the pocket and has no complex installation. The impressive picture quality, the wide angle lens, automatic rotation, motion sensor and other features make it a really cool device which would ensure safety and security at your house, the place that makes you who you are!

If you have any questions about the YI Dome Camera 1080p, or have any personal experiences with the camera, please leave me a comment below.

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