Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Security Cameras for Home – Security Camera Types

Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Security Cameras for Home - Security Camera Types

Hello again! And welcome to my second article of the ultimate guide to buying the best security cameras for home. Today I’m going to focus on the types of security cameras that are around. When I say types, I’m talking about the style of security camera. If you were thinking Indoor or Outdoor cameras, this was the focus of my first article, which you can visit here:

Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Security Cameras for Home – Indoor, Outdoor and Weatherproofing

Like I have said before, there are so many different uses for security cameras, therefore the type can be a very important choice depending on the location and the purpose. Hopefully, my article today will help clear things up and guide you to selecting the best security camera for you.


So, what type of security cameras are there?

Quite a few actually. But I have narrowed it down to the most common, and most suitable for the home.

  • Dome Security Cameras – As the name suggests, these cameras are shaped like a dome. Due to its shape, dome security cameras are generally stronger and sturdier than other types. However, a down side of a dome security camera is that they must be mounted to a flat surface, usually the ceiling. This limits the flexibility of where this camera can be located in and around the home.
  • Bullet Security Cameras – These security cameras are usually in a cylinder shape (like a bullet) and are quite commonly used, especially in outdoor systems. Bullet Security Cameras can generally be mounted anywhere and come with a flexible arm, allowing you to point the camera in whichever direction you choose. They can come in a variety of sizes, some that stand out, or other that are small and discreet.
  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Security Cameras – Not usually common in households, probably due to the size and cost, these cameras are more suitable to commercial applications. Their main feature involves motion tracking, or automated panning, titling and zooming. However, there are some smaller and more affordable security cameras suitable for the home that offer the pan, tilt and zoom functionality. In my opinion, it’s not necessary for a home security camera system.
  • Hidden Security Cameras – Pretty self-explanatory really, a hidden security camera is, well, HIDDEN. They are usually small cameras that you can hide in either inconspicuous locations without them being spotted, or well and truly hidden in walls, ceilings, or even everyday items like pens or buttons. The thing is though, the smaller the camera generally means the lower quality image. So, unless you really want the camera hidden for a specific purpose, like keeping an eye on the nanny, then I wouldn’t suggest going down the hidden camera route. Plus, I believe that having a camera in plain sight can be a deterrent to crime in the first place.
  • Indoor Security Cameras – I know, I know. At the start of this article I referred you to my previous article when it comes to indoor security cameras. However, I think it is worth highlighting them in this article too. This is because the range of indoor security cameras include ones that can sit on a shelf, desk, or any flat surface. Plus there are some that are completely portable and can be detached from a charging station, and moved around the home simply and easily.


Which type of security camera is better?

For outdoor use or if I was looking to mount the cameras inside, I would choose either the dome or bullet style cameras. Each of them come packed with similar features, therefore it really comes down to personal preference on what you like the look of better. In saying that however, if you are unable to mount the camera on a flat ceiling, then it would be better to choose a bullet style camera.

For indoors, I would be more than satisfied in choosing an indoor security camera that can sit on a shelf. In my opinion, this is the better option because they you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls or ceiling when installing the camera. As long as you have a flat surface where you need the camera to sit, why would you want the hassle of mounting the camera.


What about the Cost? Which type of security camera is more affordable?

A great question. While this can come down to what other features are built in to the security camera, at the cheaper end of the scale, you can pick yourself up any of the above type of cameras for between $50 to $100. Generally, your bullet security cameras can cost slightly more due to the technology needing to fit inside a smaller enclosure, therefore the dome security cameras might be more cost effective.

In the end, can you really put a price on securing your home and family?


Final Thoughts

The type or style of security cameras really comes down to what you like the look of. They all have other main features in a security camera, which are more important than the style. In my mind, bullet security cameras look more modern and stylish than dome security cameras. But that’s just me, I think the dome style cameras a little old fashioned. Plus, there are some pretty fancy looking bullet style cameras these days.

I’m interested in your thoughts on the types of security cameras. What is your preference and why? Or, if you need help in choosing, then feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment below.


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