Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera Review

By | January 5, 2017

Product: Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera Review
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Great for: Inside your home
My Rating: 8 out of 10

When designing an airtight security system for your home, it’s crucial to ensure that it suits your particular requirements. In addition, it shouldn’t stretch your budget too much. If you are looking at using security cameras at your home, it’s possible to install an affordable security system that will guarantee you maximum protection for your family. When shopping for the appropriate security camera, you might be caught up in a conundrum concerning which camera to pick.


Well there are just so many to choose from! As with a lot of items, you usually get what you pay for. However purchasing the most expensive security camera doesn’t guarantee that your security will be 100% burglar-proof. There are many features you have to consider such as Night vision capabilities and motion sensor sensitivity. In this respect, the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera has distinctly stood ahead of the pack.

Benefits of the Nexgadget Camera

The NexGadget IP Camera is great for many uses inside the home. Maybe you want to keep an eye on a specific room of the house where you store your valuables. Or watch your baby while he or she is sleeping. Or maybe you need to supervise your toddler in the play room to make sure they aren’t getting themselves into a tricky situation. I know my kids find a way to climb on just about anything!

What about when you’re note home:

This Nexgadget camera is perfect to what your pets or elderly parents when you are not home The awesome thing is you can access the camera anytime and from anywhere.

How to use the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera

Another plus for this camera is that it is very easy to set up. Some customers have had trouble reading the Nexgadget IP camera manual, however the steps you need to take to get up and running are very straight forward. All you need to do is scan, connect, and away you go!

Here are the Nexgadget IP camera instructions to set it up:

  1. Download the app called “iSmartViewPro”. Once downloaded, open the app and click on “More”and then “One Key WiFi”
  2. Put in the name of your WiFi, the password, then click “configure”.
  3. Your mobile phone should make a “Beep” sound, so now place your mobile phone near the camera and the camera LED will blink quickly, and then become always on.
  4. Click “Add Camera” on the app, scan QR Code on the camera or click “LAN Search”, then input the original password “123456”.  Note that you should change the password after logging in for the first time.

And you’re done!

Product description

The Nexgadget camera has eight Infrared LED lights that enable night vision within a range of up to 16 feet. This enables you to achieve uninterrupted surveillance 24/7. You can record and view live video footage even in the thick of night. The dual IR-CUT Filter auto switch option detects when darkness sets in, turning on Night Vision.

The camera supports two-way audio. It has an inbuilt microphone and feature that allows you to hear what’s happening in the background and speak as well. You can tell your furry friend to get off your leather couch or scare intruders away by alerting them that the cops are coming. With the Nexgadget camera, communication just got easier.

Motion detection is another feature of the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera. Whenever an abnormal activity is detected by the camera, an alarm is immediately triggered and prompt alarm pictures are sent to your FTP, E-Mail and MicroSD. You can easily adjust the motion detection sensibility of the Nexgadget Camera. The gadget can support a 64GB MicroSD card and also has an auto snapshot feature.

The Sonic Recognition Technology makes the setup extremely easy. It features a One-Key WiFi Configuration feature that’s simple and straightforward. To set up, you only require to plug the power cable and then download the user-friendly iSmartViewPro App using your Android smartphone of iPhone. After the setup is done, you can access the security camera remotely via your computer and smart devices.

The camera weighs 12.6 ounces. Its dimensions are 7.1 by 5.6 by 3.7 inches. It’s therefore pretty lightweight and can be set up in different rooms. In addition, it mainly comes in red or white and has an attractive design.

What’s in the box? You get:

  • 1 IP camera
  • 1 Power adapter
  • 1 Network Cable
  • 1 Mounting bracket
  • 1 Quick Installation Guide
  • 1 Set of mounting screws

What I like about the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera

  • Its crisp video quality makes it one of the best indoor cameras around. The recordings are all stored on an SD card. You also have the option of storing your video footage in the NexGadget cloud storage. You can stream videos directly via your smartphone or PC, helping you to keep tabs on those you love.
  • Its two-way audio feature makes the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera perfect for monitoring babies, pets and elderlies. You can literally talk to your dog, make it sit and roll over. You can also watch your baby sleeping peacefully in the other room or your elderly parents enjoying a quiet nap.
  • It is quite affordable for anyone wishing to spruce up their home’s security system. Unlike other security cameras that sport similar features, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera.
  • It has amazing Infrared capabilities that allow it to record videos even in the dark. This Night Vision capability is important when trying to decipher images at night.
  • The setup is delightfully simple and quick. All you require is a strong WiFi connection. The Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera comes with an easy-to-follow guide that indicates all the steps you need to follow. If the process is still a little hazy, the NexGadget support team will be happy to help.
  • The motion detection capabilities of this security camera are incredible. It has several sensitivity levels that you can adjust to your liking. The camera can detect faint amount of sound or motion and immediately alert users so they can take appropriate action.

What I don’t like about the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera

  • The Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera isn’t water resistant or weatherproof. It is therefore limited to indoor use only. Setting it outside would only destroy its circuitry and cause it to malfunction.
  • It can’t quite work without the presence of a steady internet connection. In addition, the security camera has to be within the WiFi range. Otherwise, it will keep on providing inconsistent images and lagging frequently.
  • Although the setup is easy, it may require one to have some networking knowledge. This comes in handy when configuring the camera to the wireless network. However, the Nexgadget support team are always available to offer a helping hand.
  • The power cord is a bit short (4 feet in length) compared to other security cameras. This limits the range within which you can place the camera.

Final Thoughts

The Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera offers customers an unbelievable bargain. Its night vision option allows you to see what happens at night. Its HD image quality is impressive. You can keep tabs your elderly parents as they relax in the living room, or your child as they sleep peacefully in their crib. The integrated speaker and microphone make it easy for you to listen in and speak. Alert burglars that the police are on their way, and tell your kids to finish their homework before visiting their friends.

The impressive motion detection technology does most of the impressive work, detecting any action and alerting customers via email notifications. The Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera is an all-rounder indoor security camera suitable for all home owners.

If you have any questions about the Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera, leave me a comment below and I’ll help you as best as I can.

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2 thoughts on “Nexgadget WiFi IP Camera Review

  1. Kevan

    Does not sent any photos with the alerts (email or texts.) No adjustment or setting for audio detection and alerts. Will only stream to one phone at a time–the other viewer has to log out.

    You get the alert, but it has no picture attached. By the time you look at your phone, whatever triggered the alert is long gone. Even at the lowest sensitivity and pointed at the door, alerts will being sent every hour, filling up your mailbox. I don’t know if audio was setting it off, there was no separate adjustment for audio.

    I like the camera, but can’t get the software to send out alerts w/photos, and can’t get it to work w/3rd party software. Without the images being captured, it doesn’t really meet my needs.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Kevan, thank you for your comment.

      You will find that the features you have mentioned are common in many of the cameras in the budget price range. For example, alerts without an image. When received, it will be up to you to view the live feed and make a call whether you need to alert the police, or return home. I still believe any notification is better than no notification at all. Effectively, the same result could occur with an alarm system. By the time the police arrive, whatever or whomever triggered the alarm are long gone. Deterrence is also important in both cases.

      In regards to alerts being sent every hour, my suggestion would be that pointing it directly at the front door may not be the best use for it, or it seems to be picking up a lot of background noise from outside. If possible, try moving it further away from the door, but still with the door in sight.

      If you are looking for a security camera to meet all of your needs, I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction, just get back in touch.


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