EZVIZ Full HD Outdoor Surveillance System Review

Product: EZVIZ Full HD Outdoor Surveillance System Review
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Great for: Outdoor Security

The EZVIZ Full HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance system comes with the ability to store your data on an included hard drive, and records in 1080p video, unless you choose to downgrade or upgrade the quality of the picture. Boasting a nice 107.5° field of vision, an impressive 100 feet of night vision, and several different cameras, this is hands-down one of the best security camera options on the market.

Why Choose This Camera System?

Many people are turned off by camera security systems which require you to use cloud storage and pay a monthly subscription fee. With the EZVIZ security system, this will now be a notion of the past. Each EZVIZ camera system comes with several different cameras and the ability to customize how many cameras you want in your personal security system.

You can also customize the number of channels on your receiver so that you can add in as many different cameras as you want to your personal home security system. With as much ability for customization as is offered by this camera security system, and the ability to store your footage without paying a subscription fee, this is one of the premier security camera options.

ezviz security camera review

Works with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a great way to communicate with your security system. Using voice commands which are intuitively picked up by the Amazon Echo’s intelligent system, one can easily control their security system by the power of the human voice. It is like having your own bodyguard that you can give instructions to on a moment’s notice. Except this bodyguard never sleeps.

You might have heard of Amazon Echo if you have used the other devices that are equipped with this new command system. They are famous for being considerably more intelligent at picking up human voice commands than traditional, old-school methods that you might have seen on older phones and similar products. With Amazon Echo, you will be able to literally tell your security system what to do at 1 AM while you are squirming around in bed.

Comes with An Included EZVIZ Application for Remote Viewing

Of course, no sort of voice command will allow you to be able to actually see what your cameras can see. Using a tablet or smartphone, you can easily log into your cameras’ live feeds using an application which easily allows you to monitor all feeds at once. This is great for when your camera gives a motion alert, detecting suspicious movement.

Included 1 TB Storage

Having an included hard drive in most outdoor surveillance systems is a rarity. Many corporations would prefer that you pay a monthly fee and use their cloud storage instead. However, this is not the case with the EZVIZ camera system. With the device’s included 1TB of storage, you can have days upon days’ worth of footage on you at all times, even for offline use.

Normally, this will allow you anywhere from 15 – 18 days of recorded footage. Best of all, you can customize how you want this footage to be recorded. You can either have it run 24/7 or only record when suspicious motion is detected. In either circumstance, this is plenty of time to work with. If you choose the 24/7 option, you will then have up to 18 days to discover if you were robbed and then be able to cycle back and discover who did it.

Weatherproof and Temperature-Proof

A camera that is used for security purposes needs to be relied upon for consistent use, otherwise it is worthless. As a result, any sort of camera which doesn’t protect from weather-related issues should be avoided. Since this product has a weatherproof design, you will be safe from natural hazards like rain and snow.

Temperature is another thing which can be a bit of concern for electronic components like security cameras. Although no electronic system is immune to extreme temperatures, this one will be safe to use anywhere between -40 to 140°F. This means that this device will withstand some of the lowest and highest possible temperatures on Earth’s surface. Hopefully this will suffice.

Four Cameras to Monitor Many Locations

Some people don’t only have one location that they want to have consistently monitored. This is the main reason why these people will want to invest in a security system which has many different cameras. The EZVIZ security system comes with four cameras and can be customized. This means that whether you want two cameras, four cameras, or even 16 cameras, there is a package which will best suit your needs.

They will always be able to record back to the same hard drive and application, making it easy to access the data that they create. This means you can either monitor all of the cameras on your tablet or smartphone or go into your DVR and watch the footage from all cameras from one location.

Long-Distance Night Vision

Night vision is something that not all security cameras have, but is a feature that any high-quality security camera needs. With up to 100 feet of detection, these security cameras can see much further into the night sky than the human eye. This makes them better than having a personal bodyguard, unless they had some sort of night vision scope.


The EZVIZ Outdoor Surveillance System is one of the best camera systems on the market if you want a system which allows you store your files locally. It is also very good at recording during the night (with up to 100 feet of vision) and can withstand dangerous natural elements such as temperature and precipitation.

With the ability to customize how many cameras you want, how and when your footage is recorded and stored, and even talk with your security system, there are few surveillance systems on the market which are as nice as this one. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should know how many cameras you want before making a purchase, since they come with the corresponding receiver which only supports the desired number.

Have questions about the EZVIZ Outdoor Surveillance System. Let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll do my absolute best to help you out.

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