Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision may not be the first thing you think of when you look to buy a security camera, but they actually have the potential to make quite a big difference. Security guards are usually the first people to suggest this as they are the ones that need to thread through the darkness in fear of what is lurking inside.

To minimize the risk for you and your security company, we have set out to find the best night vision security camera for your home, but before we look at them, you should know a few things about how night vision actually works.

Night Vision Security Camera

How night vision works

Hollywood first revolutionized the night vision feature and this makes you wonder if the elements they portray are actually real. The facts are that you will be able to see someone from up to 200 meters on a pitch black moonless night. The reason we are able to see this is because a night vision camera uses two elements to ensure that you can see.

  • The first element is simple image enhancing. When there is still light present, the camera will use all of its resources into simply enhancing the picture and showing you the best quality available. This is what we usually in the spy movies and in the all of the advertisements. This element actually works exactly as it is portrayed in film
  • The second and more interesting element used by night vision cameras are thermal imaging. Thermal imaging uses the heat radiate from the body to draw a figure on the color spectrum. This type of technology is much more expensive, but you will always be able to know what is lurking in the shadows

Understanding the basics of these simple features will make your life easier and you possibly be able to save your security guards from potentially life-threatening situations. We highly recommend night vision, especially for businesses and larger compounds.

With that being said let’s look at the top night vision security cameras to keep you safe.

Night Vision Security Cameras Comparison Table

ProductNight Vision DistancePrice
Lorex 4K Ultra HD Wired Network Security System with Color Night Vision -
Check Price
Amcrest UltraHD 4-Megapixel with Night Vision98ft
Check Price
Swann 8 Channel Security System SWDVK-845808 Thermal Sensing Cameras PRO-1080MSB 100ft (30m)
Check Price
Nest Cam Outdoor Indoor Night Vision Camera-
Check Price
Arlo Security System Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision (VMS3130)-
Check Price

Lorex 4k Camera color night vision review

Whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras, the Lorex 4K Ultra HD Wired Network Security System with Color Night Vision will be a perfect addition to your office. The cameras are made for all weather conditions and you need not worry about any cables or unnecessary wire running throughout your building.

The cameras featured on this system will allow you to view up to 500 feet outdoors in high quality and about 50 feet inside at the same quality. This should make keeping an eye on everyone easier. The system also features a mobile app that will allow you to monitor your cameras and even control them. This can be done with the external remote as well.

Finally, the system features a very good resolution picture and a true-to-life looking image to ensure that you can see everything

lorex color night vision review


Amcrest Ultrahd Night Vision Review

For bigger business areas and compounds, the Amcrest 960H Video security system should be perfect. You will receive 4 cameras that can be easily mounted and each of these cameras, individually, features 24 small LED lights that will automatically activate once the camera detects bad weather conditions.

The camera system also comes with a pre-installed 500 GB hard drive that will allow you to record for up to 6 days at high resolution. To extend the time, you will also be able to make use of the lower resolution settings

Finally, the link app will allow you to easily view the cameras from any remote location and still have the control to move and adjust them. To ensure optimum night vision, your cameras will use infra-red light to determine what is lurking in the shadows

Amcrest Ultrahd Night Vision


Swann Night Vision Camera Review

Swann 8 is definitely designed for the more advanced user and for bigger compounds and companies. With this security system, you will receive 8 high-quality cameras that can easily be mounted to see your entire house or business.

The storage system is huge and you will receive a 2 TB HD drive to ensure that you have the capabilities of recording in high definition for up to two weeks. Furthermore, you will also be able to record up to 100 feet in the dark and the security camera will use infra-red technology to detect anything in the dark.

This system features Swann’s True Detect PIR Thermal Sensing technology to reliably detect heat-generating moving objects, such as people, large pets & cars. With more accurate motion detection you have more reliable notifications & recording, eliminating false triggers such as falling leaves, bugs, rain & more, saving you hard drive space & playback time.

Finally, you will be able to set the cameras in conjunction with the motion detectors. This will let you save storage space and the cameras will only record once someone has been detected.

Swann Night Vision Camerabutton_click-here-for-the-latest-price

Nest Cam Night Vision Camera Review

The Nest Cam is a standalone one camera feature but includes a lot of extra technology into the camera. The camera is perfectly weatherproof and made from high-quality materials. The camera will allow you to view the quality of 1080p. This means that you will be able to see facial details easily

The camera can record or you will have the ability to let it send snapshots to your phone. This will save you a lot of hard drive space and you will still be able to see the pictures. This camera is perfectly out of the Hollywood playbook and it is fitted with a speaker and recorder. This will allow you to tell someone that you are watching them.


  1. Nest Camera securely and firmly keeps your video history in the cloud, so you can access it anytime.
  2. IPCC-7210W HDPro – 4x Optical Zoom, HD 2.0 Mega Pixel, WIFI, Plug and Play, Outdoor Dome PTZ IP Camera, Nightvision, Audio, Blueiris Compatible
  3. Nest Camera’s top quality glass lens, image sensor and 8x digital zoom let you see every information completely HD.
  4. Individual notifies with Nest Aware membership, so you understand if there’s in fact somebody there
  5. Works With Alexa.

Nest Cam Night Vision Camera.button_click-here-for-the-latest-price

Arlo Night Vision Camera Review

The Arlo Security System is one of the best standalone camera features on the market. The camera can be mounted or simply hidden and concealed inside. The patented wireless design will allow you to place the camera anywhere without all the hassles that are associated with wires.

The camera is also linked to an app that will notify you once the built-in motion sensor has detected anything. This automatically let the camera record and you will be able to view everything from your mobile phone or desktop

This is a great camera for keeping an eye on children, or in the baby’s room as well.


  1. This camera’s Night vision cams work even in the dark.
  2. Motion triggered electronic cameras and real-time e-mail or app alerts.Records and signals just when motion is found so no battery power ever goes wasted.
  3. Indoor/ outside weatherproof electronic cameras.
  4. Arlo  features Wire-Free style for simple positioning anywhere.

Arlo Night Vision Camerabutton_click-here-for-the-latest-price

Final thoughts

Night vision may not be as flashy in real life as it is in Hollywood, but it will definitely make a huge difference to your security. The key is to have a very high-quality camera as this will just make the night vision feature better and easier to access.

Please share your thoughts on night vision cameras and we encourage you to let us know how you have experienced these cameras.You can contact customer support if your night vision is not working or it is too dark.

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