Best Fake Security Cameras

The Benefits of Fake Security Cameras

Fake security cameras do just what they say on the box. These incredibly inexpensive units are replicas of functioning CCTV systems, which can vary in their design and functionality, whilst having one thing in common: they do not record or stream video.

Why Buy a Fake Security Camera?

Over the past decade, as video technology has advanced leaps and bounds, there has been an explosion of CCTV systems being installed in both home and business premises, though particularly in the latter. These systems provide a great deterrent to would-be thieves, whilst also providing vital video evidence in the case that a crime is committed. However, in most cases, they aren’t cheap.

This is where fake security cameras come in, filling what used to be a gap in the market. They can also function as a deterrent, without the expense of a real security system, and the potential installation costs that can be associated with such a system. The simple presence of a camera can prevent unwanted intrusions into private property, as well as theft or other crimes that might occur on-premises.

That said, fake cameras won’t be suited to every home or business owner. For example, in a store where high-value products are traded, only a real security system will suffice. However, for home use, small stores or offices, where the expense of a CCTV system cannot be easily justified, a cheap, fake camera can be the perfect solution. For these people, we’ve chosen three of the top fake security cameras.

Best Fake Security Cameras List

Product Price
Loftek Fake / Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light
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WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera
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Blueskysea Solar Powered CCTV Security Fake Dummy Camera with Human Sensor and Flash Lights
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Loftek Outdoor Waterproof Fake / Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light Review

Loftek fake security camera

The Loftek fake security camera is a very basic model; though this would sound like an obvious remark for a fake camera, some products in this category do have additional features that help to reduce the chance of potential thieves spotting dummy models. Still, with a simplistic, black design, this dummy camera mimics the design of most mainstream business premises CCTV systems, increasing the realism or the product.

Dimensions stand at 8.4 x 5.8 x 3.3 inches, and the product weighs just 12 ounces out of the box, meaning it won’t put any real strain on the surface on which it is mounted. Though batteries aren’t included, they are required should you wish to uses the blinking LED that’s included as part of the design. Genuine opinion within the industry is torn over whether such lights improve or reduce these cameras’ effectiveness as a deterrent, as some people believe that they’re the hallmark of a fake camera.


  • Very inexpensive design
  • Mimics the design of most mainstream CCTV cameras
  • Bracket arm movement means camera can be easily repositioned


  • Batteries run through their charge quickly
  • No batteries included with this model
  • Basic functionality, without sensors or lighting


The Loftek fake security camera is super-light and compact, meaning it can be mounted to even flimsy structures without risking any breakages. It can be mounted upside down and repositioned at any required angle to act as a deterrent to the chosen field of view. Though there is a divide of opinion over whether the blinking LED is a good or bad thing in fake security cameras, turning it off is as simple as removing the batteries. Overall, it’s perfect as a cheap dummy camera.

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WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Camera Review

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Camera

The WALI Bullet Fake Security Camera is similar in design to the Loftek, though with an adjustable rain cover mechanism. This model also uses batteries to power a single blinking LED, which functions day and night. At slightly larger dimensions of 8.5 x 5.8 x 3.5 inches, the camera comes packaged with a security sticker decal that can be placed within the same environment as the camera, in order to draw attention to the presence of the deterrent.

This camera comes in both black and silver iterations, with an additional option of purchasing two for a reduced price. Even when purchasing just one unit, it is one of the cheapest models out there, costing little more than a takeaway coffee. If a deterrent is required, but a real CCTV system is too expensive, this is a fantastic alternative that won’t break the bank.


  • Extremely inexpensive dummy camera
  • CCTV security alert decals included
  • Aluminium rain casing can be adjusted
  • High-quality, durable materials are resistant to adverse weather


  • Batteries not included with this model either
  • Single-wire design can be a giveaway that it’s a fake
  • Quality of the ball & screw attachments could be better


When buying a dummy camera, you want thieves or intruders to be able to see the system. This is where the addition of security decals is useful, as they can be placed at eye-level in the area, causing potential criminals to think twice and look for a camera, before committing a crime. Stickers aside, the camera is built from robust materials that help it stand up to the elements, though it is slightly let down by an attachment mechanism that could be stronger. Still, for what you’re paying, it’s difficult to justify any complaint over such simple problems.

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Blueskysea Solar Powered CCTV Dummy Security Camera Review

Blueskysea Solar Powered CCTV Dummy Security Camera

More expensive than simpler counterparts, but with greater functionality, the Blueskysea Solar Powered Security Camera extends beyond the basic design that most cameras have, and provides a motion sensor and flashlight, both of which can be powered by solar energy. The motion sensor is effective up to a considerable range, though the manufacturer does not state exactly what the effective range is. Upon sensing motion, the camera also flashes an extremely bright light, not only drawing attention to the ‘security’ unit, but also working well as a deterrent to unwanted animal life.


  • Product includes a motion sensor
  • Flash lights provide extra deterrent and draw attention to the camera
  • Solar-powered functionality powers additional features


  • A more expensive option
  • Motion sensor can be a little oversensitive
  • Batteries may still be required in addition to solar power


This camera has one of the best means available of drawing attention to its existence; the motion sensor and flashlight only help to increase the realism of the product, whilst making its presence known at the same time. Though batteries may be required in areas that receive little sunlight, the addition of solar power helps to increase battery life, whilst keeping the sensor and flashlight functional.

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If budget is as much of a concern as security in your home or business, then you might want to consider a fake security camera. Though it won’t offer the same level of protection as a real CCTV system, it can function well as a deterrent, making criminals think twice before committing a crime. Most cameras will come with very basic or no functionality, though there are some slightly more advanced options, such as the Blueskysea, that help to draw attention to the unit and increase its realism.

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