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By | September 25, 2017

Product: Arlo Pro Security System Review
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Great for: Installing Security Cameras Outdoors

If you are in the market for a security system that you can operate on your own, purchasing a camera system which continually records is one of the best options that is available to you. Out of the many options available for your security needs, the Arlo Pro Security System is one which stands out as a premier security system for private use.

Why Choose This Camera?

If you want to purchase a security system that will protect you and your investments, it is important to choose one which is easy to use, durable to withstand the elements, capable of more than just recording events, comes with the ability to see easily in the dark, and can record in high enough quality so that you can easily inspect individual elements with a crystal-clear picture.

Since this camera comes with all of the above-mentioned features and is listed at a reasonable price that anybody in the market for a home-security camera can afford, it is a very good option and worth considering. It also comes with a wireless base station which connects to the camera and allows you to easily do things like backup your video files and monitor your cameras from a computer.

Works with Amazon Alexa

Imagine being in bed in the wee hours of the morning only to realize that you need to set off your siren due to an immediate threat. With Amazon Alexa, this is possible by simply setting a voice command with your Arlo Pro Security System. This will make things a lot easier to use at a moment’s notice when you otherwise might run out of time to do what you need to do with your camera security system.

Amazon Alexa is a personal assistant that is used for many other products like speakers, light switches, security systems, and even coffee machines. Unlike other voice command mechanisms, Amazon Alexa is actually a pretty intelligent system which generally knows what you are saying, especially when you set up voice commands for needed features in a voice training session.


Of course, no camera is worth much if you can’t use it in all weather conditions. The last thing you need in a camera system is to set it up in a nice position outdoors which perfectly monitors your front door, for example, only to have it destroyed by rain or snow. Thankfully, you won’t have this problem with the Arlo Pro.

Since this product is weatherproof, it is capable of withstanding natural elements which might otherwise destroy a basic camera. When you think about it, this feature is priceless since it will allow you to keep your camera handy when potential thieves might otherwise think it is deactivated.

2-Way Audio: Talk Out of Your Camera

Having a camera security system is one thing, being able to make it clear that a perpetrator is being recorded during the heat of a crime is another.

One nice feature about this camera is that if you can talk out of its speaker. Perhaps this can be used to give a warning to potential thieves to back off before they commit a crime which can otherwise affect their future. Maybe you want to use it to scare guests who come to your door. In any circumstance, it is handy to be able to speak out of the device which you use to record.

Very Loud Siren

When you need help and there is an emergency, there is no sense in staying quiet. One of the best features about this camera is that you can easily signal for help if the need arises. With an alarm that can reach volume levels around 100 decibels, anybody around you will easily be woken up by the loud sound and immediately know that an emergency is occurring.

The best part of having a siren is that it also scares thieves off. This is why many cars are included with sirens these days. As soon as a thief hears a siren, they immediately know that they triggered a security system and that the police will soon arrive. When you think about it, this is the best feature of any sort of security system since it completely eliminates the stealth factor that a thief thrives on for success.

Live and HD Recorded Videos

Having a security system is useless if you can’t record your videos in decent quality. More importantly, you should be able to monitor live feeds of your security footage if you have any hope of protecting yourself.

Since this security system is capable of both live recordings, which can both stream and record in crystal-clear HD quality, you won’t have any problem with either monitoring or inspecting your recordings. Best of all you can keep up to seven days of recorded footage available on cloud storage for free (meaning you don’t have to use your computer hard drive).

Night Vision

Similar to being able to record in natural elements like rain or snow, being able to record during the night is critically important. Thankfully, this camera comes equipped with night vision technology so that you can transfer over the HD crystal-clear picture that is available during daytime recordings to nighttime.

Most thieves operate when the sun is down. This is why having night vision is one of the most important features in any sort of security camera. With the Arlo Pro Security system, you will be able to see crystal-clear in both night and day conditions.


Although there are many different options to consider, the Arlo Pro Security system’s features make it one of the best camera security systems available. Since it has the ability to record in HD night and day, rain or shine, it is heavily worth considering. It can store up to 7 days of footage on cloud storage, allows you to speak to potential intruders, and is equipped with a siren just in case you need some extra help.

Please leave me a comment below if you have bought the Arlo Pro Security System, or if you have any questions. I’m here to help.

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