Amcrest 960h Review

Product:Amcrest 960h Video Security System
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Amcrest 960h Review

Not all security systems are the same. Some of them have a lower quality recording, or no ability to store recordings on a separate storage space or a smaller field of vision. When you purchase one security system, you risk losing out on one or more of these features. This is why it is important that you carefully consider your options and select the system which is best for your personal needs.

Although you might not be able to find a system which completely suits all of your needs, there are many different options which have a nice balance of the above variables so that you can best make a decision which will protect your family and assets. After all, this is the most important reason that many will even buy a security system in the first place.

Amcrest 960h Review

Why Choose Amcrest 960h ?

The Amcrest 960h ProHD wireless camera system is ideal for people who wish to fully monitor only one specific area, and don’t necessarily need an elaborate system which includes several different cameras over a larger area. This is also a great camera system for anybody who wishes to have all of their data stored on an SD card instead of cloud storage. With this system, you can also purchase the manufacturer’s NVR system for storing your video recordings.

Since cloud storage with any sort of camera manufacturer can be expensive and add up over the months, many people want to have a security system which can store all of their recorded footage on an SD card or other local storage. Since SD cards these days can be purchased to include as much space as a typical computer hard drive, there really is no drawback to purchasing a system like this which simply requires a one-time investment. Just keep in mind that the SD card and/or NVR is not included in the price of the camera.

Works with an Included Smart Phone Application

Like most camera systems on the market which are made by a reliable manufacturer, this camera system comes the ability to easily hook up to your smartphone so that you can remotely monitor the camera, control the pan, and adjust the security features as you see fit.

The application is easy to install and works by simply scanning the QR code from your security camera on your mobile phone. Then you are ready to begin your recording. It is really that simple. If you don’t use an SD card or NVR to house your recordings, you can store up to 4 hours of free storage on the manufacturer’s cloud storage.

Wide Viewing Angle Makes Several Cameras Less Necessary

Cameras with a small field of vision are capable of viewing small areas in crystal-clear HD recordings. However, some people desire to have the range of vision similar to that of a human eye, except the ability to focus on all areas and not just where your pupils focus. The nice thing about this security system is that you have an impressive 100° field of vision that is all focused in 1080p HD video.

Thankfully, with this camera system, you will be able to monitor an area as if you had your own eyes on the point of interest. Best of all, there is a motion sensor which will alert you if something suspicious comes into the camera’s field of vision. This is great for allowing you to get a good night’s sleep knowing that your own pair of eyes is watching over you.

Casing Protects From Water and Dust

Many people want to position their camera in a spot which isn’t already covered with a roof, and understandably so. In these circumstances, you simply do not want to purchase a security system which cannot protect itself from natural elements like rain and snow. One nice thing about this camera is that it comes with a protective metal chassis which will deter any sort of water-based damage and repel any moisture reaching inside to the delicate electronic parts.

As a result, you can rest safe in the middle of a blizzard knowing that your camera is still watching everything that is going on outside your home. This is assuredly a remarkable feature for any sort of electronic device, especially a security camera.

Crystal-Clear HD Footage on Either Cloud, NVR, or SD Storage

Many different camera security systems only come with the ability to be used with a little bit of cloud storage, and then you will have to pay a subscription fee for any sort of comprehensive data storage. Another nice feature about the Amcrest 960h is that you can store your recordings on both cloud storage (up to four hours free), or purchase an NVR system.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase an SD card which can plug in directly into the camera itself and keep accurate records of everything that the camera lens sees. This is best for people who need to keep their recordings for longer periods of time and cannot afford to only have four hours of previous footage.

Long-Distance Night Vision

No security camera is top-quality unless it can see in the night nearly as well as it can during the daytime. With up to 98 feet of night vision, anybody who is approaching your house in the darkest of hours will still be captured in HD recording and easily be identifiable. Since thieves like to steal at night more than during the day, this is a much-needed feature.


The Amcrest 960h security Camera System is great security system which is capable of local storage with either an SD or NVR recording device (neither are included). Since it is resistant to water damage, comes with a 100° field of vision, records in 1080p HD, and can see up to 98 feet during the night time, it is one of the best options for people who only want one camera watching over their house. If local storage and only one high-quality camera are what you want the most, make this one of your top options.

Amcrest 960h Review






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