How To Secure Your Home Without An Alarm

How To Secure Your Home Without An Alarm

Home security is important to many people.

Even the people for whom it is not in the forefront of their minds, it is something that motivates both routine behaviors and common purchases. Whether you live in an extremely expensive home or you live in a small, affordable home; whether you rent or you own; whether you live in a densely populated urban center or in a quiet rural setting — in any of these cases, it is likely that you have thought at some point about home security.

What is home security?

It is different for everyone, for each renter or homeowner, for each family. But in general, it is a way of protecting both the home that you live in and the people and things inside of that home.

Protect it from what?

In general, it is about protecting it from unwanted intruders, protecting it from harm, from anyone who is a danger to it. This gives you some kind of control over who is in your home, and even can allow you to have a better understanding of who is in your hallways, on your front porch, and passing by your house or apartment.

The reason that we secure our homes is to protect them; but it is also to protect the things that we own, the people who live with us, and ourselves. In short, it is to protect our lives — in the fullest sense of the term “life.”

What Does Home Security Mean To You?

When you think about home security, you aren’t only thinking about the security of your house.

A home is more than a house.

What you are thinking of is the security of your belongings, of all the things you have amassed over the years, of all the things that fill your life up.

What you are thinking of is the safety of your loved ones, of the people who give your life meaning. An unwanted intruder represents not only a fault in your house’s security, but it exposes a fault line in the security of your life and what matters most to you. Few things are as devastating as that exposure, and few things make you feel more insecure and less safe than a home invasion.

This is why we secure our homes

Because what home security means is more than just a lock on a door.

Do You Need An Alarm?

When people think of home security, they immediately think of alarm systems.

They imagine the placards and signs in people’s front lawns and the stickers on their windows — the signals to everyone on the outside that the home is protected, professionally, by an alarm system. The idea is that alarms are the last line of defense and that they provide a needed buffer between what is vulnerable within a home and what is potentially threatening outside of that home.

And alarms do that.

They do provide the last line of defense. But the question is: do you need an alarm to be safe? Do you need a professionally installed alarm system to protect your home?

Don’t get me wrong, alarm systems are great, and there are many reasons to have them.

But there is more to home security than alarms.

In fact, not only do you perhaps not need an alarm, but taking the proper measures to secure your home in other ways will make your home, if it does have an alarm, even more safe and secure.

Replacement Windows

The first thing to think about is your windows.

Windows are the way that a lot of intruders get into homes, and it is because they are either outdated or simply inferior to strong, solid, locking windows. Pick up some replacement windows with good locks. Alternatively, take a look at reinforcing your windows with 3M laminate, or replacing the glass with strong polycarbonate.

Then as long as you keep them locked when you aren’t home (or are sleeping), you will have gone a long way in protecting yourself.

Replacement Doors

The next thing to think about is doors. Some doors — both main entrance doors and other doors, such as side doors and back doors — are much safer than others. Having a strong, secure front door goes a long way in home security, as does replacing that decades-old sliding glass door in the back of your house (the one whose lock doesn’t work anymore…).


Beyond simply installing strong doors, you can purchase deadbolt locks to secure your home. These will ensure that no door they are installed on can be kicked in. Even if the handle lock were to be dismantled, the door would still not open.

Other Locks

There are also other locks to consider, perhaps on interior doors leading to areas of your home where sensitive or valuable things are kept. These are often simple, inexpensive mechanisms that provide another measure of protection.

Window Bars

Window bars will go a step further in securing your windows. These mean that even if the glass is broken or removed, an intruder will not be able to get in. Some people use these on the windows of their young children’s rooms.

Security Cameras

Finally, there are security cameras.

Camera systems might seem like an expensive solution to home security. However, they are not as expensive as you might think.

Their main function is to record any suspicious activity in or around your home so that you have a record of any crime that has occurred, which can help the police investigators see what happened. But they also have many features similar to alarm systems, such as alerts.

Plus, the physical presence of a security camera can act as a deterrence to potential criminals.

Finding The Balance Between Peace Of Mind And Peaceful Thinking

It is important to be safe.

And being safe means having peace of mind.

But it is just as important to realize that worrying too much can be counterproductive. Balancing the desire for peace of mind on one hand with the peaceful thinking of simply not worrying too much is as important as any lock or alarm. You need to decide what level of home security is right for you to find this balance.

What security measures have you put in place at your home? Or are you looking for ways to secure your home without an alarm? Leave me a comment below.

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