Fortress Security Store S02-B Review

By | December 18, 2017

Product: Fortress Security Store S02-B
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Having a home security system requires many different components to be successful. For instance, an outside camera surveillance system is nice, but when an intruder bypasses outside cameras and gets inside your home undetected, you are going to need added security to ensure that you and your home are protected.

This is where having an elaborate inside security system is important. When you add in several different door sensors, motion sensors, and an alarm, it is difficult for a potential thief to be successful. If you are looking for a security system like this, the Fortress Security Store S02-B package is one of the best options available.

Why Choose the Fortress Security Store?

The Fortress Security Store is an all-inclusive home defense system for anybody who wants to protect themselves in the event of a break-in. Let’s be honest, having a camera system on the outside is only one line of defense. The inside of the house is the most delicate part of your sanctuary and needs the highest level of protection possible.

With this system, you will have ten different door sensors, four motion sensors, keychain remote controls, and two alarms (both on the inside and outside) for deterring potential robbers. Each of these things working together is a recipe for disaster for any thief who relies on stealth and quiet action.

Ten Door/Window Sensors for Total Security

Many different indoor security systems will only have a few door sensors, which can be disastrous if an intruder breaks into an area where he can bypass these much-needed security mechanisms. As a result, having plenty of different door sensors will ensure that any unauthorized visitor in your home will be immediately detected whenever they use a door.

If you are sure to place one of these on each of the most important doors of your house, you can make it impossible for any thief to enter any secure area of your home without you being immediately notified. As long as you store each of your precious people or possessions behind a door, you will always know when an intruder is present.

Most importantly, if you have windows which you estimate are easy to break into, you can always use a few of these sensors for windows, which will detect any sort of forceful entry. This really will make it impossible for a thief to enter your home without setting off the alarm.

Three Motion Detectors

Sometimes, a thief can enter your home without using the front door, back door, or garage door. Additionally, they could find a way into your home which bypasses any window sensors you have installed. In these circumstances, it is important to have motion detectors so that you can ensure that you set off the alarm for the security system.

With this system’s three motion detectors, anybody who breaks into your home and goes into a common area such as the living room will have to set off the system’s alarm. Motion detectors are great for ensuring that an open area will be secure in the event of a break-in.

Auto Dialer with Many Designated Phone Numbers

One of the most crucial things to have when a break-in occurs is an immediate notification. When this happens, you can ensure that up to six phone numbers are called and notified. This auto-dialer feature only requires you to have a phone line installed. This is great for alerting anybody that might not be at home that the property might have an unauthorized visitor.

An Extra Loud Outdoor Siren and Indoor Siren

When an intruder is present, you can set off two different alarms. One of these alarms is best placed outdoors and can project up to 140 decibels, and the other is placed indoors. When both of these alarms are used together, they should be more than enough to scare a thief back to where they came from.

Although the system won’t immediately get the police to arrive, the presence of a loud alarm system is horrifying to any potential thief. As soon as they hear an alarm go off, they will more than likely be scared to death that the police are already on their way. Nothing scares a thief more than the thought of rotting in a cell.

Included Panic Button and Keychains to (De)Activate the Alarm

In the event that you see a thief in your home before you remember to activate the alarm, you will still have ways to get them out of your house without resorting to aggressive force. One of these methods is to use the included panic button, which can be placed in an area which is most convenient to you. Once you press this button, you should then immediately alert the police.

In case you ever activate the alarm accidentally, it is important to turn it off as quickly as possible. After all, the 140-decibel alarm system will be heard for quite some distance. This is why it’s important to keep a keychain remote handy that can either activate or deactivate the alarm.

Alarm Warning Stickers

Alarm Warning Stickers might be the most important part of your home security system. Many people might be scared off most by these stickers, which can be placed in the most visible parts of the exterior of your home. These warning stickers are a good first line of defense in the event of a potential break-in. This is assuming that you don’t already have an exterior camera system of some sort that will detect motion.


For anybody who wants to have plenty of security in their home, and doesn’t want to pay for an elaborate service of some sort which forces you to whip out money on a monthly basis, the Fortress Security Store S02-B is a wonderful package to consider. With ten different sensors that you can use on either doors or windows, four motion sensors, an included panic button, and alarm keychains and warning stickers, you can rest safe knowing that your home is safe in the event of a break-in.

Do you have any questions about the Fortress Security Store S02-B? Leave me a comment below, I’m here to help you.

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