Fortress Security Store S02-A Review

By | November 27, 2017

Product: Fortress Security Store S02-A
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Great for: DIY home security starter kit

The Fortress Security Store Security Systems are one of the best options available for people who want to have an affordable means of added security within their home. Perhaps you may already have an outdoor surveillance system of some sort and want to add an additional layer of security, or are simply interested in an alarm system which won’t cost an arm and leg every month to keep active.


Either of the above are great reasons to consider purchasing an indoor home security system like the Fortress Security Store S02-A, which is great for small homes and businesses. This is especially true for a home or business with limited points of entry to monitor. A camera system is never inherently perfect, and neither are motion detectors and door/window sensors. However, when added together or even used separately, there is always a high likelihood that any intruder will be immediately detected and able to be scared off.

Why Choose the Fortress Security Store S02-A?

The Fortress Security Store S02-A comes equipped with five sensors which can be placed at five different points of entry. These points of entry can be defined as either doors or windows. There are also two motion sensors which can be placed within a room, which will ensure that any unauthorized visitor is immediately detected just by moving a muscle within your property.

Added onto the sensors, you have the ability to press a panic button if you want to prematurely activate the alarm system. Of course, an intruder who forces themselves into your home and sets off one of the sensors will also activate this alarm. When the alarm is off, the intruder will run off to a different location in most circumstances, thinking that the police are on their way. In the event of an accidental alarm set-off, you can use one of the two keychains to turn off (or even turn on) the alarm.

Five Entry-Point Sensors for Total Security

Equipped with this package are five different entry-point sensors which can be placed either on a door frame or window which will set off when any sort of unauthorized entry is detected. If a window breaks, they will be set off, and the alarm will go off. If the system is activated and someone opens a door which has a sensor installed, the alarm will go off.

This system is ideal for somebody who has a front door, garage door, and one or two windows that they want to have secured in case of any sort of forcible entry. If these are the only points of access into your home, you will be safe in the event of any sort of forcible entry.

Two Large Room Area Motion Detectors

There is always a slim possibility that you are dealing with a thief who will (somehow) bypass your sensors and find their way into your home. At this point, to avoid setting off the alarm system, they will have to then bypass two motion detectors which can be cleverly hidden in a small area and will activate whenever any sort of motion is detected in a room.

These are fairly easy to activate. When they do, the security system will activate. If the thief has any chance of escaping at this point, they will have to run. With the five entry point sensors and two motion detectors, it is extremely difficult for an unauthorized person to pass into your home undetected.

Ultra-Loud Indoor Intruder Siren And Panic Button

When the security system detects somebody in your home, there needs to be a strong and clear message relayed to the burglar that they have not been stealthy. In this circumstance, you have two options. You can either record a message and have it played using the alarm system, or have a 110-decibel alarm go off. In most circumstances, this will be more than enough security, and the burglar will leave the premises.

Sometimes you may wish to activate the alarm system before a burglar even sets it off themselves. Perhaps you can see them about to come into your home. For whatever reason, there are many different circumstances where activating the alarm on your own accord is necessary. For these circumstances, you can place a red panic button at a location of your choosing and have it ready to be pressed at a moment’s notice.

Auto Dialer Will Call Up to 6 Phone Numbers

Of course, an alarm going off while nobody is home would be not much of a defense at all (unless your neighbors are home). This is why it is important to have some sort of system where you and your loved ones are notified that somebody has broken into your home.

Thankfully, whenever your alarm system goes off, the burglar and whoever can hear the alarm will not be the only ones who know. In these circumstances, you will be able to customize up to six different phone numbers which will be notified that an intruder is present in your home.

Complete Alarm Control With Two Keychains and One Central Keypad

In addition to having a panic button, you can also activate and deactivate the alarm system with the central keypad and one of the two included keychains that come with the S02-A package. These can fit onto your keys, and provide the most portable means of controlling your security system. And, of course, you can use a traditional keypad so that anybody who knows the password can either arm or disarm the system.


The Fortress Security Store S02-A security system is a great all-around means of protecting your home, business and personal belongings in the event of danger. Although it isn’t recommended for locations with many different entry points, it is perfect for small homes or businesses where up to five different possible break-in points are accessible. Due to its loud alarm system and ability to call up to six different numbers, it is an effective means of securing your assets without paying a monthly fee.

Have you installed a security system in your home? I would love to hear about it. Or if you have any questions about the Fortress Security Store S02-A system, leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

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