Do Home Security Window Stickers Really Work?

Home security window stickers are one of the cheapest options available for anyone looking to add a deterrent to potential thieves, and what’s more, they require no effort to maintain.

But do they actually work?

It is widely suggested that a simple window sticker that indicates you have a security system (even if you don’t…) can scare off a threat to your property. This is most likely because security cameras or alarms increase the chances of the thief getting caught. Therefore a thief will generally look for an easier target, one that will give them the best chance of getting away with it.

Should you risk faking it?

I say why not.

If you looking for something with a cheap price tag, is easy to put in place, and that can deter criminal activity, then there’s nothing to lose by trying them out.

The obvious downside is that nothing will actually happen if somebody does breaks into your home. No alarms will sound, no video will be recorded. But they’re certainly a better alternative to having no security presence at all. If putting in place a cheap security measure is your thing, then we’ve hand picked a few home security window stickers to get you started.

Home Security System Stickers

One of the great things about these stickers is that they have a UV coating in addition to strong adhesive, making them not only resistant to rain, but also to sunlight that can quickly fade colourings. For your money, this pack of security stickers also offers more value than most. With 14 stickers included, unless you’re living in a mansion, this pack will give you sufficient stickers to cover all the necessary windows in your home, plus you’ll have a few spares just in case you need to replace any in the future.


  • Come is a pack of 14. Many competing products offer fewer units per pack
  • Attention-grabbing red and white design for easy spotting
  • UV coating and strong adhesive protect against rain and shine


  • Searching “PACM” online reveals it is not a genuine security solutions supplier
  • Outside placement, not inside, may affect product lifespan


This pack offers great value for money, as well as an attention-grabbing red and white design, which is synonymous with alert messages such as STOP signs. Criminals will likely find them very hard to miss. It’s a shame that “PACM” isn’t the name of a genuine security product, and searching online will link to many listings that indicate the stickers are a fake deterrent. That said, you know what you’re getting when you buy a pack of security stickers without the system itself, so this is only a minor issue.

Diamond Ultra Reflective Warning Sign

As an alternative to fake security stickers, you may want to consider purchasing a highly-reflective sign for the exterior of the premises you’re trying to protect. One of these large signs also makes a great addition to an existing network of security stickers. With highly-reflective, diamond-grade material embossed on the front, any inbound light is reflected, easily illuminating the warning sign in any flashlight or car headlights.


  • Weather-resistant aluminium design
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting to any surface
  • Large 12 by 12 inch imposing design is easily seen
  • Diamond-grade material reflects headlights or flashlights for greater visibility


  • Not as cheap as stickers, and only 1 unit included
  • Lack of a stake or any kind of post to fix to the ground
  • Aluminium by design, but some buyers may expect a tougher, thicker metal


The main drawback to this product is a lack of any post or stake for fixing it into the ground. However, pre-drilled holes mean that it can easily be fixed to many flat surfaces, including fences and walls. The best placement for this product is in the direct approach path of any cars or foot traffic, as any light shone on its surface will reflect the image back from a considerable distance, hopefully stopping criminals before they have chance to get close.

Video Security Surveillance Sticker Decals

This set of fake security stickers will be sufficient to cover 4 windows or doors in a smaller home, office or shop. Design-wise, they keep it simple with a warning sign and CCTV imagery. More than one size is available, though bigger is often better for fake deterrents such as these. The stickers also have clear UV laminate to reduce the effects of sunlight fading their colour.


  • Impressive size at 6 x 6 inches
  • Clear UV laminate protects against fading
  • Very bright design emblazoned with CCTV imagery commands attention


  • Design is verging on comedic
  • Lack of branding detracts from realism
  • Just 4 units in a pack; enough to cover smaller premises


These stickers certainly don’t blend into the background, though the design is leaning heavily toward being overly-garish. Still, user reviews don’t lie and feedback on these products online is generally very positive. Their size also helps to improve their ability to deter would-be thieves. If we could name one improvement, it would be to add some form of branding, to improve their realism.

8 Brinks Home Security Stickers

These stickers veer away from the usual red and white designs favoured by most products of this type, instead opting for a white and blue colour scheme. Printed on the front of the stickers are two phone numbers, which do link to a genuine security company if dialled, so if you’re hit by a Google-savvy criminal, your home may still be safe.


  • Small price tag for a pack of 8 stickers
  • Attention-grabbing red and white design for easy spotting
  • Large and noticeable design ensures they’ll be spotted


  • Number links to “ADT” security, not “Brinks”
  • Can only be installed on the outside of a window
  • Lack of weather-resistant coating may lead to fading


This set of stickers comes with a very cheap price tag, with 8 units easily being enough to cover most premises. With a genuine phone number printed on the front, should any criminals choose to investigate further, they’ll be connected to a genuine company. However, eagle-eyed thieves could note that the company printed on the sticker isn’t the same as the company on the other end of the phone.


Fake security stickers is home security in it’s simplest form. They aren’t going to record any evidence of a burglary, or alert you if an unwanted intruder does enter your home, but they may go some way towards stopping it from happening in the first place.

As it’s one of the cheapest means of boosting your home security, there’s little to lose by investing in a small, cheap pack of these stickers.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below.

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