BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System Review

Product: BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System
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Anybody looking for the most cost-effective means of securing the indoors of a small home or business should take a hard look at the BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System. This is a very powerful tool when placed in a home where there is a limited number of areas where a burglar could gain access to your private home or business.

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Why Choose the BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System?

The BIBENE Wi-Fi Home Security Alarm System has all of the makings of a great security system which is capable of protecting your entire family in the event of a break-in. With an application that allows multiple people to remotely control the system (which is great for businesses with several managers and trusted employees) having two keychains for controlling the system and five sensors which monitor for forced entry around the clock, you have many different points of security with this device.

There is also a motion sensor which can be placed in the most important open area of your home or business, which will set off the alarm system in the unlikely event that one of the entry sensors are bypassed. In any case, you will always be able to remotely activate and turn off the security system whenever the area is secure and ready to be placed at normal levels of security.

Wi-Fi Powered System Complete with Application Control

One nice thing about this alarm system is that it is completely controlled either online or offline. For those with internet connections who wish to take advantage of the online features, there is an application which can be hooked up to the security system for remotely controlling the features and alarm system. This is great for people who want to grant several different people security clearances.

If you are a business owner who isn’t always around to monitor your property, all you will need to do is give an application password to a trusted employee while keeping your assets safely stored away in a separate safe location.

Five Sensors to Add onto Doors or Windows

This security system comes with five different sensors which can be placed on any of the possible areas where people can enter your property. Possible spots for this would include doors or windows. Whenever somebody opens or breaks into one of these openings while the security system is armed, the alarm will go off.

Since there are only five sensors, you need to be sure that this number will be enough. If you have one entry door and a couple of windows, for example, this leaves you with two extra sensors which can be placed on separate doors in your property. If you have a small area to cover, this is more than enough security for your needs.

A Motion Detector to Place in a Room with Large Area

In addition to the five sensors, you have the ability to place a motion detector on your property. This will ensure that anybody that gets into your property will still have another line of security to bypass before they could possibly steal items from you undetected. However, since the motion detector and entry-point sensors are very small and easy to hide, the likelihood of this even happening is slim-to-none.

Motion detectors work by noticing any sort of movement within a large area while the security system is armed. They are remarkably sensitive and will pick up most movement as soon as it is within its reach. As a result, it is very difficult for any thief to get into and out of your property undetected. With the motion sensor and entry-point sensors, your property has plenty of means to set off the alarm system.

PIR Base Which Acts as the Siren and Keypad

The brain of your security is the PIR base, which is where the siren is located. This is an AAA battery-powered device (replacement batteries included) with three buttons used for controlling the most important part of your security system. Since this is where the siren is located, it might be best to place it out of sight so that a thief will never be able to see it when it goes off.

Although you can use the PIR base similarly to how a keypad would be used on other devices, the included application and keychains should be more than enough to give you complete control over your security system while allowing your alarm to scare off any thieves with 120 decibels of terror.

As long as you’re okay with not having any sort of other security outside of an alarm, this system will suit your needs perfectly. In most circumstances, a loud alarm will be more than enough to scare a potential thief away from your property.

Complete Security System Control on Included Two Keychains

Although having an application is surely a very nice feature of any security system, sometimes using a mobile phone at a moment’s notice can be very difficult to do. This is where having keychains will come in handy. With two separate keychains, you will have complete control of the system remotely.

There are four buttons on both of the keychains. There is a button to arm the system, one to disarm the system, a panic button, and a button to change the alarm ringtone. This means that you have all of the control that the application needs outside of adjusting the more peculiar security details.


The BIBENE Wi-Fi Home Security Alarm system is perhaps the most cost-effective alarm system on the market and is capable of handling most of the functions by itself, outside of calling the police or loved ones. If you are confident that the five-door/window sensors and one motion sensor are enough, and that the alarm will scare off any intruder, this will suit your needs perfectly. Best of all, there is only one upfront fee for this security system, and no monthly charges just to have somebody ready to call the police for you.

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Have you tried the BIBENE Wifi Home Security Alarm System, or do you need some help with choosing the right system for your home? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.


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