Kwikset 99130-002 Review – More than a security deadbolt

Product: Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic Deadbolt
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Great for: Keyless entry and autolocking

Kwikset Smartcode 913 Reviews

Every now and then, I like to go for a jog around the block. When I do, I generally don’t like to take anything with me, except for maybe my phone and headphones for some music.

But what about the house key?

It can get annoying having your house key in your pocket while running, or it might get uncomfortable under the armband for my phone. So what is the solution?

Install an electronic deadbolt like the Kwikset SmartCode 913. Then no key is needed to get back inside after your run.

The Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic Deadbolt guarantees safety and security, offering some much-needed peace of mind in today’s hectic day and age. The keyless entry touchpad with a sleep interior and motorized deadbolt, 10 digit backlit audible keypad, 30 second autolock option and one-touch locking are just some of its outstanding and remarkable features.

Benefits of the Kwikset Smartcode 913

I’ve already mentioned one great benefit. Not having to take a key with you when exercising.

This works for me!

But there are many other benefits to getting an electronic deadbolt like this one. Peace of mind for example. The front door lock is usually the last line of defense from someone breaking in through your door. Or maybe you live in an isolated area where your closest neighbor is a few miles away. Having a great security product installed can make you feel much more safe and secure. I hear of so many burglaries that happen during the night when everyone in the house is asleep.

How frightening.

Sometimes, burglars see certain security devices installed and immediately get deterred and move on, which is great! Having an electronic deadbolt like the Kwikset SmartCode 913 will give you great security, but it will also show potential intruders that you are serious about protecting your home.

How the use the Kwikset SmartCode 913

The product does not require any alterations to the door if you already have a deadbolt hole, just a few screws. The wired connection has to be finessed to be placed inside without binding the locking mechanism, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a pro at DIY. It features 16 customizable access codes for increased security, which can be erased by removing the battery pack and holding down the program button while reinserting the battery pack. Hold the button until the status LED flashes red and the lock beeps. Then let it go and press it again. The lock has been reset once you hear a beep and the LED flashes green.

Kwikset Smartcode 913 Description and Features

I’ve already mentioned some of these, but here is a list of the Kwikset SmartCode 913 features:

  • Keyless entry convenience
  • One touch locking
  • Sleek metal design
  • 16 user codes plus master code feature for added security
  • 10 digit backlit keypad with dedicated lock button
  • BHMA grade 2 certified
  • SmartKey technology – re-key the lock yourself in seconds
  • Protection against lock bumping, an attack technique used to defeat conventional pin & tumbler locks
  • Installs in minutes with just a screw driver no hard wiring needed
  • Fits standard doors (1-3/8in. – 2in.) no new screw holes required
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • 1 year electronics warranty

What do you get in the box?

  • Exterior Keypad
  • Interior Assembly
  • Latch
  • Mounting Plate
  • Allen Wrench
  • Adapter Ring
  • Strike
  • Keys
  • SmartKey Tool
  • Fasteners

Who is the Kwikset SmartCode 913 for?

This product is suitable for anyone who is looking for peace of mind regardless of his or her location.


Maybe you’re into exercising and don’t want to take your house key. This deadbolt is perfect for you.

If you have a standard door (1-3/8in. – 2in.), it can be installed with a screw driver in just a few minutes – no hard wiring or new screw holes are necessary. Perfect if this sounds like something you can do yourself! It goes with a DIY installation video. However, do make sure his lock fits your door before buying it.

What I like about the Kwikset SmartCode 913

The product is BHMA Grade 2 certified, features SmartKey re-key technology with BumpGuard protection and is UL certified with 20 minute fire rating. The patented side locking bar technology offers improved safety and security by protecting against lock bumping. This is a technique of breaking in used to get beyond conventional pin and tumbler locks. If the robber enters 3 consecutive incorrect codes, the lock will begin to emit an alarm. This secure deadbolt is also compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway and comes with a lifetime finish and mechanical warranty and one year electronics warranty.

The product achieved the prestigious 2014 Best Buy rating in the residential deadbolt lock category from Consumers Digest Magazine.

The deadbolt weighs just 1.5 pounds. It looks great with a traditional satin finish.  It’s not affected by weather conditions because the mechanical mechanism is on the inside.

What I don’t like about the Kwikset SmartCode 913

I’ve read that there is no corresponding handle set to match this deadbolt, but this can be an advantage if you have an outer door like a storm door, along with an internal one and there isn’t enough room for a handle.

I’ve also heard that sometimes the lock can unlock itself. This can be remedied if you remove the 3 Allen Screws, take the cover off the back, take the batteries out and then put them back in. If this doesn’t work, check to see if it isn’t catching on anything when it is extending. If the deadbolt does not extend fully, you will need to make the hole deeper.

Final Thoughts

The Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic Deadbolt is perfect for anyone that required keyless entry, and wanting to rely less of taking a house key wherever you go. This deadbolt is one of many in the Kwikset range. You may wish to check out some of my other reviews like the Kwikset 909 SmartCode, the Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode, or the Kwikset 92640-001.

A great brand with a great range of electronic deadbolts.

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