Brinks Door Security Bar Review

Product: Brinks Home Security 675-83001 Door Security Bar
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Great for: Extra security for your front door
My Rating: 6.5 out of 10

My family and I recently stayed in a motel, you know the ones where the door to your room is actually on the exterior of the building and you can park your car right at your door. Other people staying at the motel walking by your room, or even the public in general, are just a single door away from you. It just didn’t feel safe to me. Who knows what kinds of people are lurking just outside your door, or walking back to their motel room from a big night out.

After searching around for a way to feel safer in this situation, I found this security bar from Brinks Home Security. Made from sturdy 20-gauge steel, it is lightweight enough to travel with you on trips to motels, but also provide you with that extra level of door security at home too.

Let’s review the Brinks Homes Security Door Security Bar and see how it could help keep you and your family safe.

Benefits of the Brinks Security Bar

Quite simply, the biggest benefit of the Brinks Security Bar is that extra peace of mind you get knowing that no one will be able to force their way in through your front door. Like I touched on earlier, I’ve lost many hours sleep when staying in motels, wondering if someone will come crashing through the front door.

Even when I’m at home, whilst I live in a fairly good neighborhood, there is the odd occasion where some party goers would walk by, causing a disturbance. Having a security bar in place makes me feel like I have that extra level of protection for me and my family.

How to use the Brinks Security Bar

Brinks Door Security Bar

The Brinks Security Bar works pretty much the same way as other security bars. For a hinged door, it’s as simple as placing the padded foot on the floor and wedging the yoke underneath your door handle, making sure you adjust the bar to the appropriate height by using the adjustment pin. It can work on both your door knob style, and handle style doors.

For sliding doors, you need to remove the yoke end, adjust the length and create a door jam between the slider door itself, and the door frame, preventing the sliding door from being opened.

Please note that the security bar does not replace your ordinary style door locking hardware. It should only be used to enhance you door security, not as the only method of keeping your door locked.

Product Description and Features

  • Dual Function – Can be used on both hinged and sliding doors
  • Sturdy 20-gauge tubular steel construction
  • Can withstand nearly 300 pounds of force
  • Swivel base
  • Adjustable Bar – from 25 to 43 inches
  • Lightweight – take it with you when travelling
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Who is the Brinks Security Bar for?

Anyone looking for that extra level of security on your external doors. This can be from young people living on their own, couples or families wanting to keep their loved ones safe, or the elderly, who are vulnerable at the best of times.

If you are worried about someone breaking in through your front door, then invest in a security bar.

What I like about the Brinks Security Bar

  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight so you can take it with you on trips away from home
  • Works with both hinged and sliding doors

What I don’t like about the Brinks Security Bar

  • There have been reports that this security bar doesn’t work very well on carpet

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for that extra bit of security for your front door, then a security bar might just be the solution you are looking for. This security bar from Brinks Home Security can provide you with that extra security you need to protect your home and family. Jamming both hinged and sliding doors shut, and adding to your existing door lock hardware, providing you with extra peace of mind, which we all need occasionally.

Very reasonably priced, and with a lifetime guarantee, I believe you will be happy with purchasing the Brinks Home Security Door Security Bar for your home.

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Do you have a security bar in your home? Or do you have any questions before your purchase? Leave me a comment below.

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